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Product Highlights One

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Terminal block:

(1) Multiple product categories

(2) Provide OEM, ODM

(3) Can be customized according to needs

(4) Automated assembly line production

(5) Strict quality management

(6) On time delivery

(7) With independently developed mold center

(8) Flame retardant, RoHs compliant

The CEJIE Block is a complete range and includes terminal board distribution units, both single and compact.

This allows making distribution units from 80A to 500A.

Applications for their use include switch boards, automation and command panel boards and distribution panel boards.

  • Terminal board distribution blocks: rated Current=125A, 2 and 4 pole, for use in applications where the effective short-circuit current value, is kept within10KA. Equipped with a transparent protection screen between phases, at the front and bottom of the distribution unit, removable to tighten connections.

  • Busbar distribution blocks CJ34 series: from 160A to 400A, are used as reliable terminal clamps when creating orderly systems in switch cabinets. The units are mounted on a DIN rail or mounting plate. 

  • Compact distribution blocks: from 80A to 500A,1pole and 3 pole, to use in applications where the effective short-circuit value is higher than 10KA.Wiring is made easy by guided accesses. High electrical insulation value. No protection to remove to tighten the connections.

All the block distribution rage can be fit on Din rail.微信图片_20230417094943

CEJIE ELECTRIC focus on bus bar insulator, terminal connector, industrial plug and socket, din-rail, clamp, power distribution equipment components since 2000.
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